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Post: Nov 2nd 2009 at 8:21 AM

I created songs with guitapro and tuxguitar and then I exported them to midi.
Winamp plays the songs fine!But if I import the midi files to guitapro and tuxguitar(where I created them) I can't see
the note effects I put!!!! Where have the bends,tremolos,palm mutes etc. have gone?! The programs don't recognize them , and they play the notes wrong. For example I have put on the 2ndfret of low E chord the bend
effect ,and there is no bend symbol . What I hear is just the note on the 2nd fret without bend! And the song sounds wrong! Also flstudio has the same problem and I can't render the songs from midi to wave cause they sound wrong!!
I would be so so grateful if you could help me!!!!

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Post: Nov 2nd 2009 at 11:41 AM

I think it's normal.

MIDI is not a notation format ( it don't understands thins such as what is a guitar slide, hammer, vibrato, etc.. or what is a guitar "string" )

MIDI is like an Event based format.
it saves events like NOTE_ON - NOTE_OFF at a specified tick in the song.
there is a MIDI event PITCH_BEND, that modifies the frequency of the note, but this event isn't like a Guitar bend.
i mean, you don't set PITCH_BEND Full..
what you do is add a lot of this events to simulate 1 guitar event.

now the story is that this event is used for some guitar things
bend, tremolo bar, vibrato, slide

So, when you export MIDI, it's easy.. you add all events and midi sounds like you want.

but when you import MIDI, and you see a lot of PITCH_BEND events..
how the importer knows, if it was a bend, a tremolo bar, a vibrato, a slide, ( or some of them convined.. ).

there is no a real way to know that, MIDI file format just don't have this info.

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Post: Nov 4th 2009 at 3:05 PM

Thank you for your answer Julian even though I didn't understand the last part !

I tested that timidity(the importer) which renders midi to wave understands the midi events
Synthfont which is best , doesn't!!!

I don't wanna make you tired or dizzy. I think now I will be clear.

What I want.. I want to find a program that will open every soundfont or any other format,add it to any track of the midi and render the midi to wave with the right events.

I tested audio compositor,awave studio,fl studio,tuxguitar and finally
synthfont!! The best was synthfont. It opens every soundfont,even vst plugins,effects!!! But, it doesn't recognizes the midi events.Timidity does!!! but it doesn't open all the soundfonts!!! I tested what you said. I created a midi with only one track and added a soundfont with 1 instrument. I don't hear anything (with timidity.)

What can I do ? Is there a solution?
Please help me. (I love the midi. I have even written a 50 minutes song with full instruments ,drums etc. )
Thank you!!! Have a nice day!!!

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Post: Nov 4th 2009 at 3:35 PM

Chris, i'm confussed..
could it be that you tried to answer post on this topic ?

Let's go with this issue:
>> I created a midi with only one track and added a soundfont with 1 instrument

This is what i told on the other post.
So this is the story.
There are 128 standard MIDI instruments:

And each instrument, have an identifier number.
0 = Piano
25 = Acoustic Guitar (nylon)

So why i tell you this ?
the issue is that the application (in this case TuxGuitar) don't ask timidity (or any other synth) the Patch names.
when you select a acoustic guitar in tuxguitar, it just tells timidiy "hey.. load the instrument 25"

This is the problem with non MIDI standard soundfonts.
"often, they don't follow the patch number specification".

So you maybe have a soundfont with only one instrument..
See as example "Acoustic nylon guitar",
and then you select "Acoustic nylon guitar" in tuxguitar.
so tuxguitar tells timidity to use patch 25.

but.. is "Acoustic nylon guitar" in the soundfont as patch 25 ???
Some times these 1 instrument soundfonts uses patch 0..
so to select the patch 0 in tuxguitar, you have to select "Piano" instrument

Note that when you select Piano, Guitar, Bass.. etc.. in tuxguitar, these names are just an end user label.. but the important thing is allways the Patch number.

By other hand, you don't have to "export to MIDI" to test if timidity sounds with this soundfont.
just use timidity as output in tuxguitar, test if the song sounds.. and when all is ok, then export the file.

You can also export to .wav ( or mp3 if you have the java plugin ) from tuxguitar by using gervill.
if you configure a default gervill soundfont, the exported audio file will sound exactly as you would play the song in tuxguitar. Another option is by using fluidsynth.

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Post: Nov 5th 2009 at 3:37 PM

Tuxguitar is also a great program, I'll test it!!

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