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Subject I hear no sound. I have selected fluidsynth output

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Post: Oct 29th 2009 at 8:21 AM

Hi! Can you please help me? I have tuxguitar. Inside the folder there is a libfluidsynth.dll
I am not a programmer . I have configured fluidsynth output plugin and I have selected a soundfont. I've done everything but I hear no sound. What is fluidsynth? Do I need to download fluidsynth program ? And how do I connect it with tuxguitar?

P.s Can I open more than one soundfonts, for each track?

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Post: Oct 31st 2009 at 12:07 AM

Make sure you downloaded a GM (General Midi) soundfont that have all MIDI Instruments.
There are a lot of non MIDI standard soundfonts available, that contains only 1 instrument, and... also some times they don't keep the instrument patch number. so you maybe downloaded a Guitar soundfont, but it sounds at patch 0, that is Piano.

Just to test, you can try this one:

It's small and not so nice quality, but it's GM so you can test "how load a soundfont" until you find a very nice quality one..

Another thing is..
you tell me that you selected it in the plugin configuration..
Ok, this is fine.. what this option does is to create a new MIDI Port ( one port by soundfont you add on the list ).
but then, you have to select it in tuxguitar settings ( Tools -> Settings: Sound )
After add these soundfonts in the plugin configuration,
you'll see these options to choice in the tuxguitar settings, something like "TGFluidsynth [ soundfont name ]"

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Post: Nov 2nd 2009 at 8:14 AM

Yes, thanks a lot for your answer!
Yes, it was a soundfont with one instrument(heavy metal guitar)
So, no other soundfonts instead of the Gm ones will work?
Or should I write something in a configuration file in order for the other soundfonts to works? Thank you!!!!
I will post another VERY IMPORTANT! question, in another topic I will create right now.

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Post: Nov 2nd 2009 at 11:31 AM

> So, no other soundfonts instead of the Gm ones will work?

Well it's no about work or no.. it is about what you want to do.
if you play classic guitar only ( no drums, no bass, etc.. ) and you download a soundfont only for classic guitars..
so you'll not find problems to make it works.

a GM soundfont must have 127 instruments, and a drum kit.
And these instruments must be ordered, each instrument have a number, this is what i told you before, some soundfonts adds the instrument as patch 0 ( what in MIDI is a Piano ) instead of the standard patch number.


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