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Subject Tux Guitar diacritic bug

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Post: Oct 16th 2009 at 9:07 PM

Whenever a Tux Guitar score is renamed to something that contains diacritics, that score opens BLANK in Tux guitar 1.1.
More so, if a Tux Guitar score (.tg) is placed inside a folder baring a name that contains diacritics, the same thing will happen, in which the score will open as a BLANK score, leaving you with the impression that all your work has somehow been deleted.....

Where is the best place for me to post/report this bug?

Thank you!

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Post: Oct 20th 2009 at 2:15 PM

I was testing it..
i could reproduce the problem under Windows, when try to open an file from the OS.

I found why the problem happens, but unfortunatly i can't fix it. it seems to be a java bug parsing the main arguments.
When application starts, java arguments are there, but "without the diacritics", so later the application check if the argument is a file, but the filename without diacritics doesn't exists.

but if you open the file from the application, ( Menu: File -> Open , or from toolbars, or from history menu ) the problem doesn't happens.

So to be more clear, the problem is that when you make 2 clicks to a file, java is telling to tuxguitar a "different" file name.
it seems to be a java bug ( not an OS bug ) because i tested other applications written in different languages, and that doesn't happens.

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