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Subject Copy/Paste between different windows

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Andrei Buneyeu
Post: Apr 21st 2009 at 1:49 PM

It`s impossible to copy one or several measures from one TG-window to other.
So, if i want to copy several measures from one .tg-file to another i must:
1. Open file 1.tg in TuxGuitar
2. Copy measures in 1.tg
3. Open file 2.tg in this window of TuxGuitar
4. Paste measures.
It`s not convenient, because I want 1.tg in one TuxGuitar, 2.tg in another copy of TuxGuitar, and doing Alt+Tab between windows copy and paste some measures.

It`s bug, i think.

And also what about "Copy" measures - I almost never copy "All tracks", but I often copy measures of one track. It`s not convenient for me always toggle off "All tracks" check box. It would be nice if in "Copy" dialog I will see check box "Remember my choice" or if "All tracks" will be toggled off by default.

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