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Subject Quality of playback sound isn't good

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Post: Feb 13th 2009 at 7:31 PM

I do have sound, but the quality of it is very bad!

I don't know if is my system or not! Because it have some problem when i try to play 8 bits mono sound files.

Can you help me to find out what's is wrong?

I've got a lot of cracking noises when I play some thing.


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Post: Feb 15th 2009 at 3:20 PM

Hi i did have problem with the sound on my linux fedora!

I have install the tuxguitar that comes on repository but always the sound was cracking, and did try every thing and nothing help.

So I install linux puppy on a pen drive to see if it was better.

On that one i install the tuxguitar-jet and the juva runtime 5, and every thing work spoted one.

so i boot the fedora again, remove the tuxguitar that comes on it

install the tuxguitar-jet and nothing work, was with a problem java-mid missing or somthing like this.

so i install the java runtime 6 and it did not work, so i decide to reboot the system again and, know every thing is fine.

Hope it helps some one else.


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