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Subject i keep wasting time on timing; how to shift notes?

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i really need help
Post: May 17th 2008 at 4:37 PM

how do you shift notes all to the right (or left, if that's possible)? i hate having to only fit a certain number of beats into a bar... i'd like to be able to either insert or delete notes to make the whole thing shift to the right after the insert or left after the delete, but as it is now i can't delete an accidentally timed note without having to shift everything over manually. am i doing something wrong? it can't be as hard as i'm making it...

is there an option to turn off the time signature nazi? how about 1/1000000 time signature or 0/0...? anyway please help.

those two that talked about wintabit (tab program for windows) got it right. it's so much easier to forget about timing until after you've put the notes down. for us at least.

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