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Subject Change 8th triplets to quarter notes

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Post: May 8th 2008 at 3:11 AM

This is a strange request, but...

I have a song in 4/4 time and the rhythm is mostly 8th note triplets. I want to rewrite this by replacing each 8th triplet with a quarter note. The time signaure would then be 12/4 (I'd probably change it to 3/4, and each old measure would become 4 new measures).

Does TuxGuitar have any capabilities for doing this automatically?

Explanation of *why* I want to do this. The tempo is very slow (55BPM) on the original. I exported it to midi, and imported it into GarageBand. I want to insert a tempo slowdown in the middle, but GarageBand won't let me go slower than 40BPM, that's not enough. So, I thought: change each 8th triplet to a quarter note, and change the tempo to 165BPM, then slowing down to 40BPM is a big change.

Thanks very much... and as always I think TuxGuitar is great.


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