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Subject what is "TuxGuitar Alsa Plugin" exactly ?

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Post: Oct 7th 2006 at 6:35 PM

Hi !

I was asking what was that thing in the "download section" : TuxGuitar Alsa Plugin.

Well, I began to know what alsa is, but what is this file making ? Maybe tuxguitar use "OSS" by default is it that ?

ersplus also sayd us (french users) that we can download "alsa-oss", then launch tuxguitar with the "aoss tuxguitar" option...

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Post: Oct 8th 2006 at 10:22 AM

TuxGuitar use "Java Sound Api" to play sounds,
this api has implemented a software synthetiser for not direct cards, but can't see if you have connected any external synth on your system...
the tuxguitar-alsa plugin, is a JNI implementation of a Synthetiser for Alsa.
so with this plugin you can use external synths like timidity, or fluidsynth...

>>Maybe tuxguitar use "OSS" by default is it that
Well, the SUN implementation of Java Sound Api, is not opensource...
so, i can see the source to know if it use ALSA or OSS.
i know other Java Sound Api implementations.. like "tritonus"..
it works with alsa.. but its not easy to install..

The Alsa-Oss:
Well.. we know there is a problem beetween Java Sound Api and some sound cards...
the people who has this problem make this points:
1_ sudo modprobe snd_seq
3_ aoss tuxguitar
but we don't know why this problem, it only is needed for some cards..

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