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Post: Jul 31st 2007 at 11:10 AM

I'd like to know if Tuxguitar allows to show which are the bass notes.
I try to explain better.

I'm a fingerpicker, so I need to show which notes are picked with the three fingers (index, middle and third fingers) - in a word, the high melody notes;
and which notes are picked with thumb finger (that is, the low melody note).

Usually, the low melody note is transcribed differently from the high melody notes.
This can be done either in the tablature either in the score either in both.

For example, PowerTab (a freeware tab editor working only in Windows environment) allows to have low melody notes and you can see them because the stalk of the note looks down (while the stalks of the highs look up).
Is it clear?

This is a crucial feature for fingerpicking guitarists, but I fear Tuxguitar doesn't provide it. In fact, when I import the files of PowerTab, Tuxguitar forget the low melody notes.
Am I right or I miss something?

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Post: Jul 31st 2007 at 11:25 AM

yes its clear, the multivoice support is planned for a second version of tuxguitar.
so patience.. we want first finish the first version.


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Post: Jul 31st 2007 at 11:44 AM

Thanks for the quick answer..
.. and sorry; maybe other people have already asked you the same question (but I couldn't find any topic that addresses my doubts,and in this forum there's no search engine to find the topics I'm interested).

Anyway, thanks for your work on Tuxguitar: it is really a good program!
But unfortunately I'm forced to continue using PowerTab on Winzozz until this feature will be provided.

When do you think the second version will be released?
Just to know approximately: six monthes, one year, two years?
Anyway, I'll stay tuned!

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Post: Jul 31st 2007 at 11:57 AM

mmm, i can't give you an exactly time..
you know.. it depends on "free" time.
last six months i didn't have much free time to work on the project.. so that's why 1.0RC1 ( next release ) is not finished yet.

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