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Polo Ralph Lauren
Post: Apr 19th 2012 at 6:52 AM

There's a resplendent side of me. I, take pride in dressing up to the nines. I choose my own range of clothing that enriches Polo Shirts my appearance, and steals the limelight. It feels immensely good to take pride by my stride to swank my designer clothes, apparel, and accessories. You know, there's a reason behind the supermodels being in vogue, and designers so well-heeled. The clothes are meticulously picked just so that they slither along with the most treasured jewelry. Unveil the unseen, the unforgettable and the ultimate brands of fashion which will transform the way you roll in the Tinseltown to attain elegance and luxury. Full of gripping details about the fashion arena, this write-up unmasks the most well-known clothing brands of the world, not to miss their mark-ups in the top-shop which flicker through the pages of Vogue and stay there, forever.

Even though the world is full of famous clothing brands serving the fashion-freaks just right, the following five clothing brands still stand top-notch with the world's biggest moguls, celebrities and high-end individuals buying them to breathe life to their wardrobes. Let's unleash what exactly makes them so lustable.

Prada by Mario Prada
There is never enough to say about this Italian label that defines clothing in its own myriad ways. It's reputed, and it's highly expensive too. It caters the various needs of all fashion Outlet Ralph Lauren enthusiasts, and simply stands out for its simplicity and confidence, not to sketch out comfort that's its forte. Who isn't lured by the Devil who wore Prada? Not only Anne Hathaway, but a number of celebrities go weak on their knees by just the sight of this designer clothing brand. You know, top clothing brands do not seek for a nod of approval from anyone, they're just destined to get 'em!

Chanel by Coco Chanel
How about an exotic Parisian range of fashion merchandise that catches the drift through your wardrobe? You cannot miss to embrace this tag in any case. A Parisian fashion-house introduced by Coco Chanel, this assortment specializes in haute couture, handbags and perfumery. You wear Chanel, and you know you're donning pure luxury in the form of a piece of clothing. Fabrics so soothing, and feeling so magical... who would want to let go a perfect blend of the newest wrinkles and ultimate sophistication, would you?

Dior by Christian Dior S.A.
A must check-out for those who're fond of living in vogue with a lust for extravagance. Christian Dior, with its heart at Paris, is another clothing brand which locks on inducing captivation within masses. A woman who wears Dior walks with immense elegance, truly justifying her bejeweled persona. Increasing the appetite of the affluent by becoming one of the top brands for women in the world, Dior is christened as a brand of prestige, glamor, and elegance. Don't forget to check this domineering luxury brand which fills the bills of your entire closet.

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs
Sprightliness, thy name is Marc Jacobs!
With no crave for preface, this American designer with a label of the same name dishes out sensational clothing range, apparels, fragrances, and accessories under various trademarks. It has a zealous hold on the fashion arena because of its sexy, fierce and chic collection firing it up to top the world charts. Marc Jacobs marcs its presence by being the best clothing brand for young women and men, and believe me, you can never get enough of this hallmark, because the more you have of it, the more you have an urge for!

Valentino by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani
Does the term 'celebrity' make your skin crawl? If yes, then you sure as hell can't miss on this trademark in the mainstream. From Angelina Jolie to Monica Belucci and Jennifer Lopez, this Italy based brand has been endorsed by almost all the Big Guns from Hollywood. Valentino is eminent for its exclusive range of outfits that are unconventional, and aesthetic. Fashionistas love its innovative evening wear range, for it symbolizes boldness and luxury at the same time. Celebrity females all over the world fall head over heels in love with this clothing brand that is specially designed for the elite and the affluent. What more to embellish for an ideal rendezvous?

Versace by Gianni Versace
"Heaven is a brand called Versace!"
Well, that's what its followers believe. For men, Versace is no less than God. This Italian label is known across the globe for its denims. It became a mainstay, pulled huge money every damn year, and produces some of the most innovative, cutting-edge clothing items for fashionistas to bask in. For a long time now, it has been pleasing its followers with a unique blend of sexuality and glamor. The founder of Versace has truly bewitched his admirers by collaborating with models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Why wouldn't it be a top brand in the fraternity of fashion?

Armani by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti
What to say about a clothing brand that designs, distributes, and retails haute couture under a wide range of tremendously specialized sub-labels such as Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni, Armani Junior, and Armani/Casa. Not only clothing, but Armani is prominent for its heart-throbbing jewelry, enviable timepieces, smooth fragrances, and lustable eyewear. Perhaps, it's the vision of its founder, Giorgio Armani, that resulted in the establishment of an empire producing drop-dead gorgeous clothing range.

They earned spry recognition among fashionistas all over the world. They might be towards the high-end, but then, donning haute couture clothing makes you feel an entirely new person as you cannot have any better to adorn yourself with. Above five were the most prominent names in the world of fashion clothing in my view. However, the fraternity of fashion isn't short of designer labels which aren't worth a mention. Following is a list of brand names that deserve a special mention for their exuberant clothing line with bewitching appareling that made them fascinate a large segment of ritzy masses. Take a look.

Top of the Line Clothing Brands: A Special Mention

Jean-Paul Gaultier
Hugo Boss
Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Karan New York
Kenneth Cole
Paul Smith
Ralph Lauren
John Varvatos
Gaultier Jeans
Abercrombie & Fitch
True Religion
American Eagle
Roberto Cavalli
Tommy Hilfiger
French Connection UK
Calvin Klein
Old Navy
G Star
Tom Ford It shows who you are. It speaks more than you. Creating all the whoa by accentuating your looks, designer brand clothing is an embellishment in itself. The above instanced names, are what I believe, are the best clothing brands in the world - I'm set for some disagreements in choices, though. But I can tell you one thing for sure, the clothes you buy from any of the brand names dedicated to clothing discussed here, sure have a value of gold, and for this reason, in no time do they become your prized possession. I've seen it, first hand.

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