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Post: Dec 27th 2011 at 5:24 AM

Takes the contraceptive [url=http://www.cheapghd-hairstraightener.net/]ghd[/url] to the body is frequently very harmful, also will cause loses hair. Because in the contraceptive includes the estrogen and progesterone this different thing, after taking, they will cause one kind of pseudo pregnancy, can let the hair in short-term endomorphism unusual sharp. May wait for you to stop the clothing to evade Is pregnant medicine time, in vivo estrogen level suddenly will then drop, will appear by now with the normal [url=http://www.cheapghd-hairstraightener.net/]cheap ghd[/url] parturient woman post-natal loses hair the same phenomenon. However will also have some feminine friend when will take the contraceptive to appear loses hair the phenomenon massively, will have this kind of situation is mainly because of not with When takes the right amount Vitamin, causes, has this kind of situation feminine friend who in vivo VC, the folic acid and VB12 lack cause certainly to pay attention. Loses weight diets causes excessively loses hair Perhaps this is many friends have not paid attention a question. Because hair's principal constituent is one kind is called the fish ruan protein, the zinc, the iron, the copper and so on trace element many,[url=http://www.cheapghd-hairstraightener.net/ghd-glamour-character-cutie-p-4.html]ghd glamour[/url] if you want through to diet or only to eat the vegetarian diet loses weight, protein and micro The element will take in then the serious insufficiency, will cause the hair finally the situation which will appear because of the malnutrition falls off. Therefore we do not recommend everybody to use this kind to lose weight the method, even if must diet must pay attention to each kind of element intaking. The use air conditioning causes to lose hair frequently This is also one question which is neglected by many people. Must know the wet wind which and the cold wind blows from the air conditioning has the possibility to cause loses hair, even also has the possibility to expedite the white hair, everybody wanted to pay attention. It is not suitable dyes one's hair the crowd [url=http://www.cheapghd-hairstraightener.net/newest-ghd-pink-orchid-sale-p-36.html]ghd pink orchid[/url] The nosohemia patient, the nettle rash, asthma, the allergic disease patient as well as the use antibiotic's person is not suitable dyes one's hair; , The face flesh wound or the wound healing has not been able to dye one's hair; If the preparation birth, the couple cannot dye one's hair; The pregnant woman and the breast-feeding period woman does not want Dyeing one's hair. The beauty salon dyes the difference which dyes with the self-service To beauty salon dyeing one's hair, the professional will provide the entire journey service for you, including will choose the suitable color for you, the utilization specialized technology to color evenly, moreover the specialty will dye the paste cover white hair ability home use to dye [url=http://www.cheapghd-hairstraightener.net/]ghd australia sale[/url] the paste to be stronger, the price will also want expensively many.

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Post: Apr 17th 2012 at 7:51 AM

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