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Subject Can You Guys Help An Old Fart - Please!!!!!!!!!!

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Post: Nov 2nd 2011 at 5:30 AM

Hi guys - used to play a long time ago and just picked up my guitar again. I downloaded Tux Guitar cos I thort it would enable me to write backing tracks for my partner and I to play and sing along to. Is Tux Guitar the best for this or do you have any other ideas (I also have Guitar Pro but do not find it much good).
If Tux Guitar is the go please tell me how I can get a rhythm guitar sound (or a variety of rhythm guitar sounds)as well as putting bass and Drum tracks under the rhythm - please be aware that I do not read music - I am from the self taught people - much like the Beatles and Stones but not as rich or as talented (but at least I am breathing!!!!)

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Post: Nov 5th 2011 at 2:01 PM

when you load the program, move your cursor to the bottom left part of the program. you should see (track 1 steel string guitar) double click this and it will open another window. go to the box where it says "instrumentation" and you should see (steel string guitar) (this is the default instrument). click the downward arrow to the right of where it says "steel string guitar" and you should see a list of instruments. Good rhythm sounds would be the steel, nylon, jazz, or clean instruments. Pick any one of those and click "ok." To add bass and drums, go to the toolbar on top. Click "track" and click add track and repeat the same steps. To tab bass i suggest changing the tuning because every instrument is set as the default guitar tuning. For drums go to "View" and click "matrix" and you see a list of percussive instruments you can use. You can also repeat a section many times, so Tuxguitar does enable you to write backing tracks. Hope that helps!

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Post: Nov 6th 2011 at 3:16 PM

Start Tux and then press F1 on the keyboard - that's the manual/help.

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