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Subject Tux Guitar with external MIDI triggers (JACK, etc)

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Post: Sep 27th 2011 at 11:44 PM

Can someone point me in some direction on how to achieve this?

Basically I have a guitar part I tabbed out with drums. All I want to do is basically map the drum part to some form of MIDI program (rosegarden, hydrogen, I don't really care). And then use the pre-recorded drum sounds I have to play instead of the actually low-fi midi.

In short, I want real drum sounds to play when I play my track in tux guitar, how is this possible?

I should note that I'm quite familiar with linux, just not JACK, tuxguitar, etc. So compiling, etc, isn't a problem, I just want it to work.

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Post: Sep 28th 2011 at 11:39 AM

You can configure tuxguitar-jack plugin at tools -> plugins.
jack plugin gives you options to open one unique port, multiple ports by channels or multiple ports by instruments.

so you can choose to open multiple ports by instruments, then go to the routing tab, select the drum kit (i think it´s the last row in the list) and edit it to generate a "Dedicated port".
Then go to Tools -> Settings and select Jack at MIDI Port. (first make sure Jack server is running)

Then with the jack control go to connections and take a look at MIDI tab. tuxguitar will open 2 ports.
1 - the default MIDI port for all non dedicated ports configured.
2 - the dedicated port you configured for DrumKits

so connect one GM synth to the first port (such as a fluidsynth instance, started with jack midi driver)
and connect the second port to hydrogen.

anyway, you can configure a nice soundfont in tuxguitar-fluidsynth plugin and it could sound very nice too and it´s "pre-recorded" sounds too.

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