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Subject No Audio (another one) this time in windows

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Post: Jun 29th 2011 at 9:15 PM

So I spent several hours today working on two tracks for a song. I get the completed and output a midi file. It defaults to my VLC player to play them but it can't because "no midi sequencer" something. But it plays fine in media player, and played fine in tux. Then I look into adding a percussion track to the project, and I open up the matrix and next thing I know, I don't have any audio at all now. Not in playback, not just clicking the frets on the guitar neck. I have nothing. I've reinstalled the software and downloaded timidity which did nothing but throw error after error that I didn't understand. Seems there were no config files for timidity in the package or it refused to make them or something. Whatever, I just wonder why this audio thing seems to be a recurring problem and how do I fix it.

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