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Subject Error in TuxGuitar 1.2. (JET release)

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Post: Jan 7th 2011 at 8:13 PM

I'm using TuxGuitar 1.2 (JET release) on Windows 7. And if I use it for a long time to play different tabs (or one but when it is edited for a long time also with a listening of parts) in the same window without exit, an error window with the following text is appeared (mostly when I try to pause playback):
"Runtime error #3(trap) please contact the vendor of this application"
and the last note is repeating until clicking on the "OK" button. Then application is automatically closed. This error appear more quickly (even after 1st or 2nd pause of playback) if files contain many tracks. In the case of single track it is OK up to several dozens of stop/play cycles.
For sound I use fluidsynth plugin with Magic soundfont v.2.0 (with smaller soundfonts the error is the same, maybe after little more time).

Have you any ideas how to resolve such a problem? Thank you in advance.

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