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Subject Soundbanks sound pretty terrible

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Russ Frank
Post: Apr 14th 2007 at 2:23 PM

I don't know if this is a problem with my machine or the soundbank I'm using or if the soundbank is just low quality. The instruments all sound different however drums sound like a couple of pots. The quality is very low.

Any way to run this through timidity or find better soundbanks?

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Post: Apr 14th 2007 at 2:28 PM

unfortunately, Java soundbank editor app is commercial.. so we can made custom soundbanks...
but you can use timidity, fluidsynth or another soft synth if you install the "tuxguitar-alsa" plugin

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Russ Frank
Post: Apr 14th 2007 at 2:39 PM

How can I install this plugin? Build fails from source - I am on Debian AMD64 Unstable GNU/Linux. It has a lot of errors.


It looks like I'm missing SWT although

frankr@russ-pc-debian:~/Desktop/TuxGuitar-alsa-0.9-src$ dpkg -l | grep "libswt"
ii libswt-gtk-3.2-java 3.2.1-5 Standard Widget Toolkit for GTK Java library
ii libswt3.2-gtk-gcj 3.2.1-6 Fast and rich GUI toolkit for Java, gtk2 (GCJ version)
ii libswt3.2-gtk-java 3.2.1-6 Fast and rich GUI toolkit for Java, gtk2 version
ii libswt3.2-gtk-jni 3.2.1-6 Platform dependent files for libswt3.2-gtk-java

So I obviously do have it.

Any help is appreciated.

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Post: Apr 14th 2007 at 3:03 PM

i tuxguitar-alsa is not tested under 64 bit.. so i'm not sure about results.

edit "build.properties" file:

# here where is "swt.jar"

# here where is "TuxGuitar.jar"

check the correct paths...

then, type "ant" to build..

make "plugins" dir, on tuxguitar share folder.
tuxguitar share folder depends on your distro.. in my PC is

copy "plugin_tuxguitar-alsa.properties" to plugins dir.

and edit "plugin_tuxguitar-alsa.properties".


then launch tuxguitar, you will see a new menu item "plugins". where you will found tuxguitar alsa, to config your timidity port.

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