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Post: Nov 11th 2010 at 1:59 AM


I was thinking about writing a plug in for the Java Tux Guitar that would allow users to connect to a server and edit tab files on that server.

Firstly, has anyone done this? Secondly, is there anything I can look at to figure out how to write such a plug in? I'm not talking the Java knowledge, I've written Java server/client stuff before. I mean sometime on writing compatible plug ins for Tux itself.


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Post: Nov 11th 2010 at 4:56 AM

Ok, I'm looking at some plug ins to figure this out.

As a side note, someone should provide a project folder with the files and an Eclipse project that can be easily imported into Eclipse. It would make community development a whole bunch easier.

I'm trying to create my own project and it's not working at all because there are some things in the source that are supposed to be included in certain files that aren't and whatnot and I'm afraid I might be doing a lot of work for nothing.

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