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Subject practising with tuxguitar using Jack

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Post: Nov 5th 2010 at 3:33 PM


I use Jack and Rakkarack to use my computer as an amp. Now I'd like to play along with Tuxguitar (the whole point is, to mix my playing and Tuxguitar together in my headphones, so I can practise whenever I want :-)
Just I can't figure out, how to wire tuxguitar in... If I select Rakkarack as an output for Tuxguitar, I can't hear anything (just see Rakkarack changing the preset for some reason) besides that, Tuxguitar isn't shown anywhere in Jack (is there a plugin or sth.?)

I use Ubuntu 10.04 , Tuxguitar 1.1 and Jack 0.118 from the rep...

So any help on how to accomplish that (might also be another software solution, as long as it runs on Ubuntu) would be highly appreciated :-)


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Post: Nov 5th 2010 at 5:12 PM

Ups, nevermind, I figured it out, if I use fluidsynth with tuxguitar as an output, then Jack can wire fluidsynth to the output and I can simultaneously wire capture to the output as well, now it works :-)
All that stuff you can just use for free is awesome :-)
My highest gratitude for creating tuxguitar as well, it's really great once you figure it out :-)
The last thing I'm missing is just to easily select a part with the mouse like guitar pro to just replay and practise that... But anyway, it's a f****** great program :-)

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