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Subject How to slowdown the tempo

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Post: Aug 29th 2010 at 9:56 PM


To learn some solo, I need to hear it slowly first.
So, how could I slow down the tempo. I didn't find this option in the menu.

Thank you :)

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Post: Aug 31st 2010 at 5:27 PM

Choose Play Mode from the Player menu. It will give you access to the following two modes:

"Simple Mode:

Simple mode allows the modified tempo during the playback. You can play and examine the song with half of the speed, 1% of the original speed or even with the up-tempo. It is achieved by changing the playback percentage to an arbitrary value (50% is half of the speed; 200% doubles the tempo).

Training Mode:

Training mode gives you the opportunity to practice with a gradual tempo incrementation. You can choose to start slowly, in only half of a tempo, but in every cycle of the tune to increase the tempo by 5%, getting to the full speed after 10 playbacks. You choose a beginning tempo, ending tempo and an increment (in percentage) that increases the tempo after each cycle."

(Quoted from the TuxGuitar documentation - http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/tgwiki/doku.php?id=doc:playing)

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