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Subject only 9 instruments?

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Post: Apr 14th 2010 at 5:49 AM

Is there only a max of nine instruments ocz when you get to the ninth instrument the other below just copies itself to the ninth track

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Post: May 1st 2010 at 1:59 PM

The answer is only 16 channels.
you can add infinite tracks.. but for MIDI, all is loaded to a channel.
and there is a standard limit of 16 channels.
While the channel number 9 ( if count start from 0, or 10 if count start from 1 ) is percussion reserved. it left 15 instrument channels.

as default in tuxguitar, each track (excluding a percussion track) uses 2 channels.
*normal channel ( where play normal notes )
*effect channel ( where play pitch bend notes, used for bend/tremolo bar/slide/vibrato features )

This is why, when you add more than 7 tracks.. you have to manually configure the MIDI Channels.
* the instrument, is loaded to the channel.
* the volume/balance/reverb/chorus/etc. is loaded to the channel
* the pitch bend is applied to a channel ( not to a single note, and this is the why we need 2 channels by track )

So, when 2 tracks are using same channel, they will get same instrument same pitch bend, and same volume/balance/etc..,

So this is why on the "Mixer" tuxguitar allow the users to configure the channels.
there are 2 drop down boxes at the top of each track in the mixer.
these are the track channels.
the first one is the normal channel, and the second the effect channel.

My suggestions to configure it are:
* if you have any track, that don't have pitch bend effects .. so set the effect channel as normal channel ( so the track will use 1 channel instead of 2 )
* if you have 2 tracks using same instrument, try link them
let's say.. you have 2 piano tracks. so try make sure both tracks are using same channel settings.

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