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Subject Import/Export Options, building from source

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Hartley Mays
Post: Jan 30th 2010 at 8:39 PM


I'm investigating the use of TuxGuitar as an external midi Notation Editor for the Cockos Reaper DAW program. I've been able to build and run the 1.2 java source using the Netbeans IDE. However, there seem to be significant differences between that version and the native Windows 1.2 version. The native version has plugins set up to run, and on the File menu, includes items for importing and exporting midi. These items do not show up on the Netbeans version, and also I can't seem to find any source for the batch converter plugin, which I suspect may relate to the midi import/export functions. These functions are critical to the interaction with Reaper.

Do you have any ideas why this is, and what I should do?

Hartley Mays
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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Hartley Mays
Post: Jan 31st 2010 at 12:33 AM

I figured out the immediate problem. It was due to the level of the source heirarchy I was using in Netbeans; the source for the midi plugin is at a higher level. I was able to get it activated by adding all of the jars in the /share folder to the library in netbeans.

So this raises another question: are there complete instructions somewhere about how to set up the complete TuxGuitar including all plugins as a project in Netbeans?
Since it uses SWT, is it limited to Eclipse as an IDE?


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Post: Feb 4th 2010 at 12:57 PM


TuxGuitar is a project and each plugin is another one.

So, what i mean is that you don't have to configure plugins inside tuxguitar project.. you have to configure so many projects as plugins you have.. since tuxguitar don't know about plugins existense ( they are dynamically loaded ).

now, if you want to statically link them in one big project, you have to use only one META-INF/services/xxx file containing all plugin class names, and then include all src/ files of each project. to this big one.

as you told before, there are some plugins that are platform dependant using JNI. this is not a problem if you have multiple projects, since the idea is that tuxguitar don't depends on plugins... but if you use one big project, you have to remove that plugins or application will throw errors .

>> Since it uses SWT, is it limited to Eclipse as an IDE?
No, Eclipse team develops SWT...
but SWT "is not" eclipse. it's just a library..

there are some myth saying that if you uses SWT you have to use Eclipse, as if you use Swing you have to use NetBeans..

These are lies!!
You can use SWT and Swing under Eclipse, NetBeans and any other IDE or Text Editor as notepad.

So to be clear :)...
swt.jar must be at classpath, that's all.

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