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Subject How to connect tuxguitar to jack

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Post: Nov 21st 2009 at 2:34 PM


I would like to use tuxguitar with jack.
So, I installed qjackctl and started jack.
In tuxguitar, I selected the jack think in the sound menu.
But when I play, no sound. In qjackctl, the tuxguitar application doesn't show up, so I can't connect tuxguitar to the jack output.

How to use tuxguitar with jack ?


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Post: Nov 21st 2009 at 3:54 PM

The new jack plugin, includes 2 features:

* Jack Sequencer ( to sync tuxguitar, with the jack transport )
* Jack Midi Port ( to open one or more jack output MIDI Ports ).

The first question, is what did you selected ?

If you select the sequencer, you will not see anything in jack control.. but if you click "play" in the jack transport, tuxguitar's player must start runing.

If you selected the MIDI port, you have to see it at the MIDI section of the jack connections.
( not at "Audio".. tuxguitar don't produces sounds.. so there is no audio to send to jack. )

So to use the plugin:
* the sequencer,
it's usefull if you are going to sync tuxguitar with other jack applications..
e.g: You could have hydrogen installed, and you make a drums song in hydrogen.. then you make a guitar track in tuxguitar.
So you make sure tuxguitar is using jack seq.. and hydrogen is also using the jack transport.
then you click play in tuxguitar (or in qjackctl transport, or in hydrogen )
and both applications will sound syncrhronized, with the jack transport timer.

* the midi port,
For it, you may need a software synthesizer connected to jack as "input" port.
then you connect tg output --> synth input, and that's all..

The goal of the jack port in the plugin, is that you can configure it ( Tools -> Plugins ) to open multiple ports ( by channels, or by instruments ).
So you can manage LADSPA, or VST plugins for each track instead of the whole song.

Now, what about these MIDI Input synthesizers..
At first, jack have a driver to load ALSA ports.
in qjackctl, you can see it in settings, select "seq" at "MIDI Driver" option.
if you enable that, you'll see all alsa input ports available to make connections. (same as listed from tuxguitar-alsa plugin ).

I didn't found many jack native MIDI input applications yet..
but fluidsynth have native support for it.
if you have fluidsynth installed, you can run it with jack audio and midi ports.
so there you can do:
Tuxguitar output ---> fluidsynth input

fluidsynth output ---> Any effect

In case of timidity, you can run timidity with Jack output.

or you could make a more advanced configuration by using linuxsampler. or making instruments with DSSI, or VSTi

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Post: Nov 21st 2009 at 6:11 PM

Thanks for these informations. I will try ASAP.


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Post: Nov 21st 2009 at 9:45 PM

What is the sequence to follow to start jack ?
- I launch qjackctl
- then I launch tuxguitar
- I go into the Tools->Parameters->Sound
and here, the only reference I've got to jack is in the "Port midi" section (there is a qjackctl).

If I select this, whan I play a song under tuxguitar, no sounds come out. I don't know if I have something to connect in the qjackctl panel.


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Post: Nov 22nd 2009 at 12:13 PM

hmmm.. no no, because your fisrst post i assumed that you already had jack plugin installed/enabled, but you didn't know how to use it...

Now it seems that you don't have the plugin running..

note that "qjackctl" is result of tuxguitar-alsa plugin (not jack).
when you open qjackctl, it creates some alsa port ( not sure why ) so the alsa plugin then list it.

if you have tuxguitar-jack plugin.. the devices are:

at MIDI Sequencer: "Jack Sequencer"
at MIDI Port: "Jack Midi Port"

So to install/enable it.. depends on what package of tuxguitar do you have..

The story is very similar to this topic:

So there are 2 things..

1* we released these prebuilt plugins for x86. i couldn't build/test them in my PC for other archs, so if you have a 64 bit PC. you have to manually build it.

2* to don't force users install jack or fluidsynth as dependencies, these plugins are "disabled" as default.

So if you have a x86 PC, and downloaded an official package from this site, you can enable it by going to the
tuxguitar's plugin folder
there you have to see 4 folders ( jack, fluidsynth, alsa, oss plugins )..

In you case you are interested on tuxguitar-jack.
so open the file:

And uncoment the first line.

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Post: May 29th 2011 at 1:40 AM

I use tuxguitar from ubuntu repository, when I install tuxguitar-jack, it will remove ardour and qjackctl. :(

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