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Subject Dependencies of proprietary software

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Post: Oct 26th 2009 at 1:37 AM

hello, I would like to know:

Proprietary software, proprietary libraries, proprietary plugins are REQUIRED or OPTIONAL to run the program?

If the answer is yes, what are these software?

Apparently I'm using TuxGuitar in Ubuntu 9.04 without Java Runtime Environment installed.

I worry about these dependencies of proprietary software.

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Post: Oct 26th 2009 at 10:49 PM

Required, nothing..

Optional.. well there is no way to say no..

* to run tuxguitar, you need to have an operating system installed :)
It could be poroprietary or no..

* you need a java runtime 1.4 or higher.
there are opensource JRE as GCJ, no really sure the current status of these dependencies of OpenJDK.
or there are closed JRE, such as Sun's JRE.

* if you want to listen sounds, you need a software/hardware MIDI synthesizer.
there are opensource options, as timidity, fluidsynth, gervill.. etc...
or there are closed options..

These are the dependencies....

Then there are package distribution things.
Bitrock Installer isn't opensource. bitrock team gives free licenses to opensource software, so we have one, but the installer itself isn't open source.
Same happens with Excelsior Jet ( a native java compiler )

we have legal licenses for both options. and it's optional for the users.

so, if you download the bitrock installer ( "GNU/Linux-x86 Installer" or "Windows-x86 Installer" ) on are not downloading a 100% opensource, but yes if you install the application and remove the installer :)..
if you get the JET version, you have a non opensource JRE, but it's legal.

If you build it from sources, or download "GNU/Linux-[arch] Binary Files", or as you use ubuntu, you get the ubuntu package. so you are getting 100% opensource software.

>> Apparently I'm using TuxGuitar in Ubuntu 9.04 without Java Runtime Environment installed

You could have JET version, or GCJ native version.
in both cases you don't need to have any JRE installed.

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Post: Oct 27th 2009 at 12:42 AM

Ok, I saw that I installed OpenJDK (which I believe is 100% open source) and the synthesizer Gervill and Timidity. The fact is that I saw many people only talking about JRE.
Thanks for the response and congratulations for the work on this software certainly has great importance for the world of Free Software.

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