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Linux Noob
Post: Oct 16th 2009 at 7:29 PM

A couple weeks ago, my friend downloaded Ubuntu onto my computer after I have used nothing but windows my entire life. I know absolutely nothing about using Linux software. They day Ubuntu was installed, my friend downloaded TuxGuitar for me, but while the program opened there was no sound. Today, I uninstalled TuxGuitar and am now trying to reinstall the program. I downloaded GNU/Linux-x86 Excelsior JET Native Release and I'm still clueless. Can anyone offer help?

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Post: Oct 16th 2009 at 10:15 PM

Well, reinstalling Tuxguitar won't help you in this situation :)
You might maybe know that TuxGuitar (and probably all tablature programs) uses MIDI to play tablatures. And that's the problem, because MIDI doesn't work in Ubuntu as default. You have to work a little bit on it.

You should check out this article: http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/tgwiki/doku.php?id=doc:no_sound

And you should maybe check these too:


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