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Subject How to compile and run tuxguitar in eclipse

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Post: Jul 26th 2009 at 9:55 AM

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to compile and run tuxguitar in eclipse. There is no search function found on this forum so that I have to post this question here. Thanks for any help.

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Post: Jul 27th 2009 at 4:31 PM

just as a normal java project.. there are a lot of ways to do it..

you could just create a new java project in eclipse named tuxguitar ( or the name you want )
then.. right click to the project -> "Import" and select an option "filesystem" i think is the name .. and choose the folder where is TuxGuitar project.

then make sure that "src, share and dist" folders are in as "Source Folder" in eclipse..
add swt.jar to the classpath.. and run it..
the main class is "org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.TGMain"

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Post: Jul 30th 2009 at 5:21 AM

Thanks for your reply.I'll try it.

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Post: Jul 31st 2009 at 3:43 AM

I managed to compile it on both Mac and Windows. Here are a few questions I have:

1. I can't even open a .tg file come with the source code. I got the error message:

org.herac.tuxguitar.io.base.TGFileFormatException: file.open.error
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.actions.file.FileActionUtils.open(FileActionUtils.java:117)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.actions.file.OpenFileAction$2$1.run(OpenFileAction.java:88)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:613)
Caused by: org.herac.tuxguitar.io.base.TGFileFormatException: Unsupported file format
at org.herac.tuxguitar.io.base.TGSongLoader.load(TGSongLoader.java:49)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.actions.file.FileActionUtils.open(FileActionUtils.java:113)
... 2 more

2. There is no sound at all although I can select the sound card in settings.
3. The open gtp or import gtp file options are disabled.

By the way, I also add source folder for midi,CoreAudio and gtp in eclipse.

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Post: Jul 31st 2009 at 12:41 PM

this is because you built tuxguitar, but you need to include plugins if you want them available.

> By the way, I also add source folder for midi,CoreAudio and gtp in eclipse.

add only the sources is not enougth.. the plugins are loaded
dynamically, so you must tell tuxguitar about them.
you need to add the plugin information file:
( this is a text file.. inside it you must add all class names that implements the plugin )

you can build plugins manually ( with ant ) and put the jars into TuxGuitar/share/plugins
or just add the sources, with the META-INF/*

build.xml files of each plugin, have lines with the content of this META-INF folder..
e.g: for GTP it is: org.herac.tuxguitar.io.gtp.GTPPluginList

note that CoreAudio plugin is for macosx.. are you running on mac ??
and midi, is not for sound.. it's for export/import midi file format.

for sound, there are some plugins:
jsa ( java sound api )
alsa ( only for gnu/linux )
fluidsynth ( you need libfluidsynth.so|.dll in library path)

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Post: Aug 5th 2009 at 3:26 AM

Thanks for your reply. I managed to load gtp file by following your instruction. But there is still no sound and I still can't export to midi although I include midi as a source folder.

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Post: Aug 5th 2009 at 4:09 AM

The problem is very strange. Here is the source folder I added beside the TuxGuitar main folder:

gtp,jsa,winmm(or CoreAudio in mac). It works fine except there is no sound.

But if I add midi or fluidsynth as source folder. I can't even open gtp file.

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Post: Aug 5th 2009 at 1:25 PM

the issue is at:

if you add plugins as "source folder" you are using same "classloader" for all plugins.
and each classloader, can't find multiple resources ( META-INF/.... ) with same name..

so if you include all plugins as source folder, you must use only one META-INF/services/org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.TGPlugin file containing all plugin classnames.

so you could add this META-INF folder inside share/
and the content of the file must be a list of class names separated by line.

so try first make this META-INF file..
then, if the sources are not at classpath tuxguitar will throw a ClassNoFound.. otherwise plugin will be loaded..

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Post: Aug 5th 2009 at 1:33 PM

i said something wrong...

the issue is not that classloader can't find more than one resources with same name...
the real issue, is how eclipse works with sourcefolders..

as default, when eclipse builds, moves all sourcefolder resources to /bin folder..


eclipse generates a bin/ folder such as:

then, starts java adding bin/ at classpath..
now you see that "something/file.txt" was added at "src" and "src-anyplugin" but bin/something/file.txt can't be duplicated.. so only one will be moved..
this is what happens if you add META-INF folders as sourcefolder.. eclipse just can't make more than one copy of this file in bin/ folder.

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Post: Aug 6th 2009 at 4:15 AM

Thanks for your patient and quick reply. I'm not familar with eclipse at all.But I'm very interested at tuxguitar and I want to learn from it. An IDE is a great help to browse and debug so I choose to use eclipse.

Does that mean I have no way to load more than one plugins I want in eclipse or I can manually change the contents of META-INF in bin folder?

Thanks again.

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Post: Aug 6th 2009 at 10:16 PM

no, not exactly..
what i say is that to add all plugins something/META-INF/thefile... as "source folder",
you should create only one file, with all classnames as content ( instead of multiple files by each plugin )..

or, another option is use the dynamic load way...
just create folders inside share/plugin..


so, each folder (or .jar file ) at share/plugins is dynamically added to classpath..
then tuxguitar will get the classnames info, and will try to load the plugins.

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Post: Aug 7th 2009 at 2:12 AM

Thanks,I'll try it.

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Post: Oct 19th 2009 at 5:19 AM

I added every plugins I want to /bin/META-INFO/services/org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.TGPlugin, such as:


It works fine. Thank you for your help.

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Bruno Impossinato Murozaki
Post: Dec 18th 2011 at 10:52 PM

I'm new in this stuff

Please, where can I get the project?


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