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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 8:28 AM

I like TuxGuitar because it is Open Source and feels more usable and well conceived than other similar application I have tried in the past.

But I miss the possibility to input tracks using a MIDI guitar. So I was thinking about writing a plugin to do that. Before spending my time, I would like to know if anyone else is working on this subject and if the developers of TuxGuitar think it is feasible.

I also read somewhere on this forum that the next version of TuxGuitar will be written in C++ and based on WxWidgets. Frankly, I do not consider this a brilliant idea, after two years spent developing a Java application of this quality. The decision is up to the TuxGuitar development team, of course. But again, since I'm not interested in learning WxWidgets, I would like to know the developers' opinion about this and the state of the TuxGuitar project in general.

Thank you for sharing TuxGuitar!


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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 10:02 AM

In General it is planned to do a plugin for Record MIDI.
but we did nothing yet.

The plan is to make a tool dialog with the options to record what you play, and then once you finish recording
something process all you recorded (like if you were importing midi), and generate the new track

The plan is not do it in real time, because it needs a lot of process. I mean, ofcourse you can play the song while you are recording, but you'll don't see your input notes on recording time.
you'll see your new track, after stop recording.

This is because a lot of things that make users need a big CPU.
process MIDI input(recording or just importing a midi file) is not so easy. there are a lot of things to calculate to get the best "tick" and "duration" ( see human tempo VS machine tempo ). numbers are never exactly, arpegios sometimes are very hard. and a lot of things like that.
So this methods may be big.
To put notes on real time, you also will need update the layout every time you add a note,
and ofcourse the play process that is already running..
those things may make all hard.

So this is why it's not planned to add it on real time mode.

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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 10:32 AM

I understand the cost of updating the interface while recording and normalizing data. Maybe a careful use of threads...

There are also such things as a metronome, MIDI controllable start, stop and pause commands to keep your hands free, etc.

The main advantage I see in using a MIDI guitar is that it can produce an independent MIDI channel for each string, thus allowing a precise recording of what is played.

Of course this does not necessarily needs a real time input plugin (altough this would be quite handy), it could be done by the MIDI import plugin. But at the moment it processes each MIDI channel as a separate track, and the tablatures it generates are most of the time incorrect.

What about the C++ rewriting question?

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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 11:12 AM

> Maybe a careful use of threads...
It is not about critical sections..
it's about CPU ussage.
if you are recording a solo, playing very fast.
you maybe are adding 16 notes in 1 second.
or if you play chords faster, each chord may have 6 notes * up *down *up.. makes a lot of notes in a second.
and to it, you need increment the methods that calculates each note tick and duration.

when you add notes in tuxguitar, a measure buffer image is created (with other things inside ofcourse).
if you are looking "multitrack" mode, and i think to record you will do because you will looking your new track, and other existent tracks. this buffer is created on all tracks.
This issue may needs a big CPU ussage.
and, you'll have 2 other threads using CPU too, Sequencer for play, and a listener for record.

Not all people have the latest CPU.. there are people that runs tuxguitar with old machines yet.
another important thing is the MIDI Out port selected.
if you are running a external soft synth, that have loaded a "big soundfont", this synth also may uses a lot of CPU.

So it's not a critical section for threads.
lock | unlock is implemented on tuxguitar,
and it will not be a problem.
but yes it may be a problem, if any user need to buy new hardware to use the plugin.

> it could be done by the MIDI import plugin
not sure if would be great to use it.
because it's more planned to read files (full songs) instead of 1 track

What we need, are the functions that get notes "start" and "duration" values.
maybe, splitting it on a different .jar file and using it as shared from both plugins.
however, MIDI Importer, needs a lot of works yet.. its one of the most poor plugin of tuxguitar.
and the code is not so clean as i'd like..
in other words, i have planned to rewrite this plugin from zero (only keep input/output stream classes)

However don't worry at all for this now.
this MIDI Record, may need some development steps.
We are near to release a new version of tuxguitar, so i don't want to modify anything on "TuxGuitar" project now.
But yes you can work on the new plugin, and later, on a next step we can move needed things to tuxguitar project (such as "MIDI Input" port selection on settings, and MIDI In ports provided by some midi plugins.)

For now, you can make a "tool" plugin, ( see as example tuxguitar-converter plugin )
And, use Midi Input devices from Java Sound Api (it will be replaced on the future for player.getMidiIn() provided from tuxguitar )

Try just make the record on this dialog, and ofcourse when you click "record" button, tuxguitar must start "play" (here we may need for the future, a measure ticks before start playing too. something that is planned to add).

And then the hard work, of convert all recorded on one or more tracks.

Something important, is that you may need uses "UndoableTrackGeneric" or better if you have your custom undoable.
Or, if you want skip undo action for now,
don't remember call "TuxGuitar.instance().getUndoableManager().discardAllEdits();"
This is because, if after add new tracks user clicks Undo, but this operation don't have undo..
previously undoables "don't have idea" about the new tracks existense.. so all may crash, or work bad.

> What about the C++ rewriting question?
Sorry i forgot reply on my previous post..
it's something that i'm not sure how to say in english.. ( missunderstood is the word ? )

One day i had the idea (only an idea) of make a "new" (not about finish java version) tuxguitar on C/C++, with a different name..
I commented this idea to a person, and by mistake he understood "i will do" it. and in 1 week, it was in some public forums :).
The idea was a new project.. not this.
talking what we can from this, but not all.
the idea was keep java version development,
and wxWidgets was think as something initial (behing a layer, to be able to change widgets library on a future)
because it have a lot of java like methods/functions that may make the work faster. you know, after develop in java, make a thread, sockets, widgets, seems to be easy. but on C/C++ it's not easy find libraries for that "multiplatform".
wxWidgets have a lot of classes for that, and using it causes that i need to create only some layers "application -> abstract layers -> wxWigets"
and just make application issues.
other wise, starting from zero i need to alot of more things.

however, this "idea" have about 2 years.. and i never did nothing.

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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 11:14 AM

Something important that i forget to say..
use "svn" version for this.
there are changes on the TGSong structure since 1.0

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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 12:17 PM

OK, thanks for the answers.
I've down a checkout from the svn repository. I'm going to import all that into eclipse projects, build it and start familiarizing with TuxGuitar structure.

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Post: Jan 9th 2009 at 12:50 PM

Maybe at begin you may become crazy making run plugins ( not from .jars ) inside eclipse.

There are some ways to do that,
What i often do is,
on TuxGuitar project properties, "Java Build Path" -> "Source" tab. i use "Link Source" button. and select the /src folder for each plugin i want develop.
Then, if you have plugins at share/plugins, the .class files compiled by eclipse when you click run will be loaded before .jar class, so all must run.

but, if you don't have the .jar file you'll need to tell tuxguitar about your plugin.
each plugin in tuxguitar, must have at classpath a file:
META-INF/services/plugin_interface ( don't remember the name now, see at any jar for it ).
and inside this file, you can write each class that "implements" this interface.

So if you don't have .jar plugins, you will need create this META-INF folder at classpath and add the info..

Once you have that, you will be able to edit the plugin sources, and see the changes when you click run on eclipse (instead of need rebuild the jar each time)

another thing,
One of the changes of tuxguitar 1.0, was compatibility with JRE 1.4, and with "non" sun JREs.
try please keep this compatibility where you can.
on this initial version, i told about use "java sound api" for midi record.. so it will not be compatible with all JVM..
but on the future i'll add MIDI In support on tuxguitar, so plugin will not need java sound api there (tuxguitar-jsa will be who use it).
In other words, use java sound api now, but think that on future you'll receibe "events" such as notifyNoteOn( int channel, int key, int velocity) instead of receive a javax.sound.midi.MidiEvent

It's for 2 reasons..
1, is that on GCJ, there was (not sure if it's fixed now) a bug with MetaMessage data (byte array that for any reason lose data after a clone) ..

the second, is that MIDI In provider plugins, may be native.
and if we use "MidiEvent" classes, we need to to:
native values -> to midievent -> plugin will extract values to know the channel, note and velocity
while we can direct do: Native values -> Plugin.

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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 9:43 AM

Hi Julian,

I put togheter some Eclipse projects for TuxGuitar and the gtp, jsa, midi, pdf, ptb and tef plugins.
It looks like all is pretty much working, but:

1) When starting TuxGuitar, I get the following messages:

edit_voice_1.png: not found
edit_voice_2.png: not found

Maybe you forgot to add "edit_voice_1.png" and "edit_voice_2.png" to the lavender skin?

2) I also get the following:

org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.TGPluginException: An error ocurred when trying to set plugin status
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.TGPluginManager.openPlugins(TGPluginManager.java:66)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.TuxGuitar.displayGUI(TuxGuitar.java:219)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.TGMain.main(TGMain.java:6)
Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no tuxguitar-alsa-jni in java.library.path
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.player.impl.midiport.alsa.MidiSystem.(Unknown Source)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.player.impl.midiport.alsa.MidiPortProviderImpl.listPorts(Unknown Source)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.player.base.MidiPlayer.addPortProvider(MidiPlayer.java:703)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.base.TGMidiPortProviderPlugin.addPlugin(TGMidiPortProviderPlugin.java:30)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.base.TGMidiPortProviderPlugin.setEnabled(TGMidiPortProviderPlugin.java:52)
at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.system.plugins.TGPluginManager.openPlugins(TGPluginManager.java:62)
... 2 more

Since I'm using Windows, I didn't include the TuxGuitar-alsa plugin in my project. Should I?

3) I see that TuxGuitar and some plugins include some empty "bin" folders in their folders.
I usually call this folders "_bin", then, setting a filter like "_*" in Tortoise, they become invisible.

4) Concerning the META-INF folders, wouldn't it be simpler if they permanently resided in the projects folders
instead of being dinamically created by the ANT build scripts?


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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 2:48 PM


1). icons don't exist yet. i just sent a mail this week to Sascha ( Lavender icon mantainer ) , telling about these new icons we will need.
Where icons can't be loaded, as default you should see a white rectangle. (look near Undo | Redo buttons )

2). No you shouldn't include it.
on SVN there are some prebuilded plugins, but are not "dependencies". alsa plugin is there because i use GNU/Linux...
So you don't must use it on a non GNU/Linux OS.
there are some JNI Plugins, that are platform dependant.

3). This bin folder isn't needed..
it's used by eclipse to put the compiled classes. nothing else..
remove it if you don't like it.

4) I originally had the folders.. but don't exactly remember now why i did them dynamically..
However if you use a real folder and add it to classpath to use with eclipse, it may don't get good results.
You can have a lot of results of same "resource".
but, you "can't" get more than 1 result of same resource on same Classpath loader.
It means that if you are using a folder ( like Share/ ) in classpath, and you have 2 META-INF/services/xxxx
only 1 will be loaded, because it's same class loader..
you can see this, if you add "share" folder of tuxguitar-jsa to classpath.
the language files will be of tuxguitar or tuxguitar-jsa. but not both.
To develop the plugins, what i do is a only META-INF folder on TuxGuitar project, and there i add all plugins that i working on.
Or, if i have the .jar file on share/plugins, the service class name is taked from Jar.. but the class is loaded from the bin folder (because it is loaded first than plugins jars)

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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 5:41 PM

Wait, I was misinterpreting what was going on!

I didn't realize that the SVN checkout (that I was expecting to only contain sources) had .jar files for the plugins inside TuxGuitarshareplugins. This explains the ALSA exception I was getting. But now that I have removed them, I'm not able to convince TuxGuitar to load the plugins built by Eclipse.

I have copied the META-INF folders for each plugin from the corresponding .jar to the plugin folder. But I don't understand how can I tell Eclipse to put them on the classpath so that TuxGuitar can load them at runtime.

Could you please show me how to do that?


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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 5:54 PM

there are things here.

* to add a folder to the classpath on eclipse,
(e.g: share folder )
just right click to it, and select "Build path -> use as source folder" )
Now "share" is at classpath.

* you don't should to add META-INF to classpath.
what you need is a folder (or jar) that contains it.
why ?
will return

If you add "META-INF" folder to classpath, it "will be the entry"
for get resource as stram will be:
/services/PluginClass ( missin first element META-INF )
so wha tyou need is
then add "SomeFolder" to classpath.

you can just add META-INF folder inside "share/" and now META-INF will be found with the classloader..

* the last thing, is that share/plugins isn't at classpath.
all files/folders inside plugins, are "dynamically" loaded by a Custom classloader.
so if you want use this folder to add the plugins,
you need to add subfolders:

and the custom classloader will add "my_plugin_folder" to classpath ( if you add this folder to classpath with eclipse, you'll get 2 classpath entries, so the plugin will be loaded twoice )

Just remember that the classloader finds only what is "inside" the classpath.. and not the "root" folder.

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Post: Jan 11th 2009 at 9:22 AM

Well this is how it works (or seems to be working) for me...

Let's say we are working with the converter plugin.

1) Create a "TuxGuitar-converter" folder inside "TuxGuitar/share/plugins"

2) Copy the "META-INF" folder from "tuxguitar-converter.jar" inside it.

3) In Eclipse, open the TuxGuitar project properties, select "Run/Debug settings", edit the "TGMain" launch configuration,
select "classpath", select "User Entries", click "Advanced", select "Add external folder" and finally choose the
"TuxGuitar-converter/bin" folder.

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Post: Jan 12th 2009 at 10:04 AM

Yes it is fine..
but i still suggest you use link source way instead of classes.

there are some adventajes using sources..
If you add a class folder plugin/bin
you are adding "compiled" files.
it's something like as if you would add a .jar file.
but, eclipse don't see it as a project.
I mean, if you have TuxGuitar + TuxGuitar-plugin/bin
when you make some change on the plugin, and then run tuxguitar. eclipse will not rebuild the plugin classes (well yes if you have the auto build option enabled)
So you'll need
1_ go to plugin, click build project
2_ go to tuxguitar, click run.

Now, if you link sources, eclipse does some kind of "shortcut".
TuxGuitar/src ( these are original sources )
TuxGuitar/plugin-src (these are the plugin shortcut sources )
this new folder, is taked as a source folder of tuxguitar project.
so when you click run on tuxguitar, eclipse will compile automatically the sources of plugin.

The other point of add sources, is "debug".
if you add class folder, at debug time, eclipse don't have idea where are the plugin sources.
and if it's true that you can "configure it".
you don't need any configuration for it if you link sources.

You can just test it.
go to TuxGuitar properties,
select "Java Build Path"
and on "Source" tab, click the "Link Source" button.
then select "plugin/src"
and on folder name ( as default you'll see error, because src is duplicated ) set any other name to this folder..
such as "converter-src"

Ofcrouse if you do this, remember remove the previouslly classpath entry that you did.

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Post: Jan 16th 2009 at 3:05 PM

OK, I finally did it right!

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PS : Sellers Usually not able to offer a video for the swiss watches before your buying . Why ? Because all the Michele swiss watches are specially made after your shopping . So you could ask for extra photos for the swiss watches but not the video .

3- Other Comment for the watches .
A lot of website now have comment for every product they sell . So all these comments are one important keys for Micheal Kors Discount watches you may buy . But not the only . Since different customers may have different request for the quality of the Omega cheap watches . For example , same replica cartier watches with diamond for lady . Customer A will speak highly of it . But Customer B will complain about it . Because the watch can not satisfy customer B .

4-Payment way / Warranty / Security

Payment way
Best and safest way for shopping is Paypal . But nowadays more and more policy limit for shopping a vacheron constantin cheap watches . It is more and more difficult to use paypal as payment ways in a replica watches deal . But credit card / master card also support the Oris brand fake watches . Shopping with a replica watches shop with credit . Your transaction will protect by credit card company and also the online payment system in the store . In fact , you need not worry too much about your business. Because you are safe with credit card company or bank protect your right .

How long a site can warranty replica watches . It depend on how much confidence in their product and the quality of the replica Cartier watches . Take our replica watches shop - www.shopbuynet.com - for examples . All replica watches for sale in our store have at least one year warranty . Best quality watches like Original swiss watches have 5 year warranty covering all damages , Cartier High quality watches like Original Japanese wtches have 3 year warranty covering all damages . Average quality watches like Chinese watches have 1 year warranty . Of course different quality level watches have different price

For a professional shopping site for cheap Franc Vila replica watches
. They have their special security terms for the customers and make sure all the customers' information 100% safe .

For the factors we mention above only some of the ways for shopping a replica watches . There are still more . We will talk future in our next article . Hoping you cold pay attention to it .

Here we would love to talk again about our store - all swiss watches , Replica Cartier watches , cartier watches are on sale . If got interst . Please contact us freely

How much you know about the Watch Movement Core ?

Replica watches are very popular now in the whole watch market at affordable price . How to buy high quality watches are very important . As we all know , Mechanism is just like the soul of a clock and decide the quality and price for a watch . How much you know about the Movement core for the replica watches or swiss watches ?

Replica watches movement can be divided into two categories . Quartz movement for the Cartier replica watches and Automatic Movement for the IWC replica watches

Quartz movement – Today we talk about it first !

1. Chinese plastics quartz movement at cheap price also of low quality , and it is very high power consumption . It can no longer use once it is broken . All the top 3A+ Replica Cartier watches or Swiss Army Replica watches will not made with this kind of cheap machine core, only the junk watches .

2. Japan imported one time plastics quartz movement, commonly known as the "black movement", In the market we called it "Japan OS80 machine". This machine will be able to use for a long time . But once it is broken like get in wet condition , it can only be thrown away instead of fixing it . . This kind of quality is a little better than Chinese plastics quartz movement .This movement watches are popular in Fashion Show . But top AAA Bell Ross Replica Watches or Breitling Replica Watches seldom use this style movement

3. Original Japanese 2035 quartz movement is usually used in Mid-range Replica Brand watches .like Movado replica watches , Rado discount watches . This machine watches like is low power consumption, better quality and low maintenance cost. Overall, this movement replica watches is worth a buy .

4. Original Japanese 5 y30 quartz movement is usually used in high-grade replica watches , such as the Michele ladies watches or Jacob co diamond replica watches . This machine core is with advantage like saving electricity, good quality, and durable . Also the maintenance cost for this Chopard Quartz Ladies replica watches is low.

5. Original Japanese 1 L32 quartz movement. Top grade quartz movement high quality watches such as Cheap Omega Replica watches . This machine core is with very low power consumption , great quality, and little maintenance cost

6. Original Japanese VC101 quartz movement like Mid-range longines replica watches . This machine core discount replica watches has its superiority like power-saving ,high quality, and the low maintenance cost

7. Original Japanese VX12 quartz movement. Such as top-grade high quality watches –Rolex Cheap Watches. This machine core is with advatage of saving power , top quality, and the small maintenance cost

8. Original Seiko quartz movement including K638, PC21, 2035, AL35. Almost all Seiko Replica Watches are in use of this movement. A lof of mid-range or high-range AAA replica watches are also used this kind of quartz movement . but the cost is a little high. This machine core cheap Micheal Kors watches are with power consumption. Precision timing , good quality, and cheap maintenance cost .

In our replica watches shop – www.shopbuynet.com . There are large selection for all Quartz Replica watches for sale , Quartz Replica watches , Quartz High quality watches . Like Swiss Cartier watches in rose gold / yellow gold / silver gold with diamond or without diamond . Like Cheap Tissot replica watches in rubber or stainless steel bracelet with chronograph . all kinds of Quartz Ladies / Mens Swiss or Japanese replica watches are all on sales now !

Automatic Mechanism core

Replica watches are more and more popular now in the whole watch market at affordable price . How to buy high quality watches are very important . As we all know , Mechanism is just like the soul of a clock and decide the quality and price for a watch . How much you know about the Movement core for the replica watches or swiss watches ?

1.Chinese pearl mechanical movement. Because the whole construction copy Japanese citizen movement , Many buyer for the replica watches is called it "citizen" machine, there is only a little connection ! We commonly name it "one-time mechanical core". This machineimitate the citizen movement . but with lower quality .This movement with disadvantage of difficult repairing and maintaning . top AAA Cartier replica watches and Rolex replica watches seldom use this kind of movement . only the junk watch does .

2. Original Japanese double lion brand mechanical movement. This machine is an early brand from japan with a long history. Such as Movado replica watches and Breguet replica watches . The Marking of this brand is very speical with two lions image . which will leave a deep impression on buyers .Top 3A+ movement watches such as Bvlgari discount fake watches and High quality watches always use such machine . We usually name this high-grade IWC replica watches or greubel-forsey tourbillion replica watches and mid-grade Cartier replica watches and Hublot replica watches the "double lion machine". Replica watches under this movement has a long history in Japan , accurate movement ,little timing error, strong power. Like Discount Micheal Kors Replica watches and Michele Women Replica Watches

3. Original Swiss 2824 Automatic Movement . Top 1:1 mechanical watches like Swiss Breitling Replica Watches and Cartier Swiss Watches . High-grade mechanical Swiss Automatic girard-perregaux Watches and Ulysee Nardin Swiss Watches usually use such top 1:1 movement . We usually call it "yellow machine". This machine Omega Swiss watches and Perrelet swiss watches is a long history . accurate , little error , strong power .

In our next article . we will talk future for the swiss watches movement . Now all the iwc replica watches and Rolex Lady Datejust watches and Cheap Cartier watches are on sales .

Mechanical watch maintenance

All replica watches of high grade or medium grade is required to be serviced every 1~2 years including change the internal parts , test the timing accuracy and machine core power consumption, cleaning and maintenance mechanism appearance ect. . Such maintenance services will prolong service life for your mechanical replica watches

Swiss watches brand is various , including Rolex swiss watches , Omega Swiss watches , Franc Vila replica watches
, Micheal Kors Women watches ect.

Watch case is corrosive . High quality watches made of solid stainless steel will have better ani-corrosion . If replica watches made of half steel ( which is copper )?. If it long-term contacts with sweat, easy to get corrosion . So this kind of replica watches should use soft cloth to wipe the sweat or plastic layer in order to prevent the erosion of sweat.

(2) mechanical Breitling replica watches Cartier watches . Which influence the normal work of the watch.

(3) mechanical Bell Ross Replica Watches maintenance: don't put watch into the chest with a camphorinside it , to aviod Replica Cartier watches case oil metamorphism.

(4) mechanical Carl F.bucherer Replica watches maintenance: don't will watch in power amplifier, acoustics, on the television, in order to avoid the Movado swiss watches magnetized.

(5) mechanical IWC replica watches maintenance: If the watch is not used for a long time, The Replica Cartier watches should be wound every month , Automatic high quality watches for a period of time to get power for the watch . All these to make sure the internal parts not in resting status . So that the Hermes replica watches can still function well

(6) mechanical Hublot swiss watches maintenance: If the Automatic Cartier watches got wet and usable dry cotton pressure on the replica watches, garnish with 40 tile third wheel baking 5 minutes, not the moisture can all be vaporized out. If quartz Michele Replica watches got wet andyou could get some little calcium chloride and then wrapped them with gauze .Then Open electronic cover . Put the well-wrapped calcium chloride and the quartz Rado replica watches into air-tight plastics bag and the glass and then seal up ; Generally The replica watches will take about 3 hours to rip of wet . If the replica watches seriously get wet you could Properly extend the time

(7) After receiving the beloved watch . You must be care to tear down outside packing, You must want to keep replica watches packing in good condition . This watch box for the replica watches can protect the watches in good condition to avoid watch got broken or collision, so it is absolutely necessory to keep the box and we suggest you to put the Rado Swiss Quartz replica watches into the box , which can increase the damage

(8)It is no good to wear the same Automatic replica Cartier watches every day . mechanical watch maintenance, You could buy serveral different types high quality watches in our replica watches shop. This will inrich the peronal image also can avoid dust into the same watch. For Breguet replica watches with leather strap . You should take more care of it . Not to wear every day to make the watch strap got abrade easily .

(9) mechanical A Lange Sohne replica watches maintenanceand the Watches have got refurbished. If the Watch case got a lot of scratch ,can then get one or two drops water on the watch and then erase the Omega replica watches with toothpaste . By this way . the scratch on the replica Cartier watches can disappear .

1- Time error for quartz replica watches

Quartz replica watches are normal to be 15 seconds faster or slower . Quartz Hermes swiss watches are operated by battery . The service life for a battery for the quartz replica watches can be 12~24 months decided by the movement core . When your replica watches show low power . The watch will work every 4 seconds . In this case , you should change your battery for the Cheap Pasha Cartier watches . If not change the battery in time. Which may damage the internal accessories for the IWC Portuguese Replica watches

2, Why the quartz replica watches are requested to change the battery timely

The battery can last 1 year or 2 years depending on the use condition and the replica watches movement . Top grade quartz Micheal Kors Women Watches
have functions to indicate the low power warning . In this case . You should change your battery in time to make sure no Battery leakage and Watch internal parts damage . Some customer have several Michele Diamond Replica Watches , To save power for the battery . They will usually pout the crown out of watch case to make sure the watch not working . In fact . the watch is not working . but the batter keep discharge . Without timely changing the new battery . The battery for the Rado swiss watches will over discharging and have Battery leakage . And this will also corrode Big Bang Hublot replica watch
movement . And the maintenance fee will be higher than replacing the battery .for the Swiss Movado Discount Replica Watches

3- Why the Quartz Cartier replica watches stop working

First . You should pull out the Ceramics Rado replica watches ‘ crown and check if the second hand touch the watch case or the 3 clock hands touch each other . If all the cheap Datejust Rolex replica watches needles overlap , First view all they can still work . If no. You should have it tested in the replica watches shop and if the battery is power off .

4 – Why the quartz replica Hermes swiss watches one minute slower ?

The 2 needle quartz Cartier swiss watches will jump every 20 seconds . The customer will adjust the time without operating the motor . This made the watch is one minute slower than the accurate time . So you just need to adjust one minute faster for your Speedmaster Omega replica watches

5- How to shop the quartz Jacob co replica watches with leather strap

1st Avoid contact with water and moisture to preventd coloration and deformation.
2nd avoid long-term exposure to sunlight to prevent fading.
3rd easy to penetrate the cortex to avoid contact withgreasy substances or cosmetics.

6- How to maintain your Quartz Happy Chopard replica watches

In order to ensure your watch working precisely , we recommend regular maintenance for your Cheap Santos Cartier replica watches
1) Your cheap Ronde Solo Replica watches test its water proof and clean the appearance
2) Your cheap Tank Francaise Replica Watches maintain its machine core once every 5-7 years 3) This By this way . your Cheap tank Cartier replica watches will be always in good running condition and it could effectively extend its service life. This not include the cheap Happy Sport Chopard replica watches got hit

Have a look at our replica watches shop for all the replica watches for sale . All kinds of Discount high quality watches are on sales now . For the brand Tourbillon 24 Seconds Incline greubel-forsey replica watches
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How to tell the different from the swiss made and swiss movt ?
In all swiss brand replica watches , you could see SWISS MADE in the bottom part and back cover for the Discount Cartier watches . This means this Windrider Breitling Swiss watches made in Swiss . If you see SWISS MOVT in the bottom part and back cover instead . This means that part of this cheap Breitling Professional replica watches are swiss made . For most of the the Hermes quartz swiss watches are not made in Switzerland . But its movement are originally swiss made . For the original Japanese made Bell Ross Automatic Cheap Watches are also partial made in swiss but not for the Japanese replica watches

1 – How to identify brands for swiss watches

In the big shopping mall . Most brand watches are swiss watches or Japanese watches , Swiss EAT Replica Watches
Japanese Watches Like Tissot cheap watches , Seiko Steel Men Watches ect
Swiss watches include Rolex Datejust Cheap Watches , Piaget watches , Omega watches , Swiss Quartz Rado Ceramics Watches , Cartier Santos Swiss Watches

2 – Identify from appearance and movement

From appearance , Original watch case and back cover ‘s trademark and brand are all clear and complete . Number for the diamond on the ETA swiss watches dial and inside the movement is same . Material marking on the back cover is the same one for making the cheap 21 Must Cariter replica watches case . Watches glass is clear and smooth . Swiss Army Victorinox Chrono Classic Watches ‘s case is also very smooth . The plated layer is never fade and no bubble .

From the movement . Original Swiss Internal Movement has its trademarker and logo . Movement is stable and clean . For the Micheal Kors GoldTone Womens Watches[ ‘s movement , you will find out no relevant logo or with rough logo mark . and the movement core is not clear .

3- Identify from the sales price for the cheap Rolex Day Date replica watches
The price for the imported Ballon Bleu Cartier Watches in a certain period time has stability . For examples Japanese brand Franc Vila replica watches . Price between $155 ~ 199 . For the Swiss 7750 Breitling Replica Watches Price between $ 350 ~$500 . For the Original Rolex Yachtmaster Discount Watches , Rolex Submariner Discount Watches

4- Identify test logo for the Omega Automatic Men Replica Watches

When the customer buy a Omega De Ville Co-axial replica watches , he should check commodity inspection certificate and the no. on the laser authenticity is listed . There are still many other ways to identify the real . Such as using the testing equipment to test its gold content or timing accuracy , water proof function or watch glass hardness , real diamond for the cheap Iwc Portuguese replica watches

All our replica watches for sale
in our replica watches shop are with at least 20% off now . As our return customer . you will also enjoy buy one get one for all Ulysee Nardin Rubber Men Watches / Diamond Jacob Co Quartz Watches and many other brand fake watches

How to wear your automatic replica watches
properly ?

The way to wear your discount replica watches is never considered carefully . It seems no necessary for you to think about this question . But in fact , The proper way to wear the Hot New Cartier Replica Watches
will not only be good for the your Fake Jaeger Lecoultre watches
but also good for your health according to the medical experiments.

Today , we mainly talk about how to wear your automatic Br01-94 Bell Ross Replica Watches

First . We should wear the Jaeger Lecoultre Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph Watches
on left wrist .It could effectively reduce galling for your Omega Watches Seamaster Aqua Terra and it is more convenient

Second , Most automatic 7750 Hublot watches are self-winding . So it is necessary to keep th Hot Cartier Discount Watches
in motion status . It is not enough to only move your hands or wrist . If without doing some sports all day . Please take your cheap Cartier Santos replica watches
off and then wind your Discount Swiss watches
about 10 ~20 times .

Third , Keep your Automatic Ingenieur IWC Replica Watches away from magnetic field . Do not put in the microwave oven or refrigerator . all the telemecanique with large magnetic . Once your Michael Kors Replica Watch mk5360 are magnetized . It will damage the movement core and effect the accuracy for timing .

Forth , Don’t sleep with your Michele Diamond Ladies Swiss Quartz
. Also not allowed to take hot shower with your wholesale fake watches . Because the sterm will come into the Breitling Chronomat Evolution replica watches
.and then affect its working . For swimming or diving with your New Arrival Cartier watches , It depends on the waterproof of the low price replica watches .
If your waterproof Seadweller Rolex Replica Watches is up to 100 meter . No problem to swim with your cheap Turbine Perrelet replica watches
. If its waterproof is only up to 30 m . We not suggest to swim with your replica watches . Also make sure the crown never put out before the Carl F.bucherer Swiss Watches
contact water .

Shopping for a great high quality watches
. Take a look at our replica watches shop
for all Swiss Watches , Cartier Watches .

How to change the battery for your quartz Christian Dior Swiss Ladies Watches ?

Battery for your Hermes Quartz Cheap Watches will usually have service life last for 2?3 years . So you need to change the new one after it run out of battery for your Ballon Bleu De Cartier watches

How to change the battery yourself ?

1- Take your battery for your discount hot replica watches out by using your tweezers

2- Put your battery for your Low price high quality watches in good place

3- Clear your battery for your New Replica Watches

4- Be careful about the direction when install the battery for your Michael Kors Color Women Watches

Here show you details

Use bamboo or plastic tweezers to take battery for IWC Big Pilots Replica Watches . Don’t forget to wear the gloves when you take out the battery for the Quartz Longines Swiss Watches .In order to prevent the battery for the Happy Fish Swiss Chopard Watches cutting-out if there is franklinism with your hands .

Put the battery for the Happy Sport Chopard replica watches in the right place . Make sure the battery is in positive and negative vertical position when you take the battery for the Franc Vila replica watches out .

Clear your battery for the Breitling Navitimer replica watches
. Before installing the battery for the Low Price Cartier Watches
. Please check first if there is any dirty between the connection for the Positive and negative level . If yes . clear it with Alcohol or gasoline .

Pay attention to the direction of the battery for the cheap Movado Valor replica watches . Be assured that the Positive and negative level should be connected correctly .

For the coming June . a lot of new arrival Carl F.bucherer Replica watches low price in our store are with special discount . Consider buying a high quality watches . Welcome to our watches shop to view all replica watches for sale

How to choose luxury high quality watches ?

Shop a replica watches of high quality on the online watches shop without seeing it and touching it yourself . You must feel unsure .

A consumer with rich experience to shop discount Perrelet replica watches will be able to judge if it is a good watches shop to continue visiting by a photograph for a replica swiss 7750 chronograph watches . Seeing is believing .

For a self automatic replica watches . Only the replica watches movement core need a expert to identify its quality . For the rest of a Raymond Weil Nabucco replica watches . You could purchase the replica watches to your liking by the photos for Gold Men Rolex Watches

For a watch shop with strength will offer you very clear photos for the Cartier Roadster cheap watches with all angles. Such as the polished skill for a Michael Kors Goldtone MK5139 largely decide it is a qualified high quality fake watches or not . There is an old saying among the watch lovers – Watching a Movado Sapphire Quartz Wristwatches ‘s watch case first before buying a watch .

1- Top quality Tag Heuer Replica Watches will always be polished perfectly . In our replica watches shop – www.shopbuynet.com – all replica watches for sale are with movement core and watch case after advanced polishing by hand and machine .

2 - Buying a Tag Heuer Carrera replica watches . Customers will have more confidence to shop the Chronomat Evolution replica watches with clear photos from the actual replica products . Many photos are taken from the actual wholesale replica watches but after Photoshop . Which will easily mislead the consumer . . So all pictures taken from the real object without doing any technique processing is key to build up the customers’ confidence in your watches shop and all your Iwc Classic Pilot . And our store insist taking photos from our real discount fake Cartier watches
to make sure all the customers to get the watch exactly what they order

3 - In our replica watches shop , you could see every brand luxury watches are classified . There are different model no and styles for Br01-94 Chronograph Cheap Bell Ross with details . Which offer customer various option for all fashion watches

Purschasing the perfect replica tourbillion watches for yourself with confidence in our watches shop for all high quality watches for sale with low price

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