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Post: Feb 15th 2012 at 1:44 AM

Looked that the sunglasses online television time cannot be long: The television is the dynamic picture, the onlooking time is excessively long, easiest to cause the eye muscle to be weary, causes the nearsightedness. Therefore looked that the television time not suitable has been long, generally must control within 2 hours, and looks at 30 minutes every time, rests at least 5 minutes, enables the eye to obtain Rest. Looked that television's distance must be suitable, generally should outside 2 meters, the angle incline not be suitable surpasses 45 degrees. In looked that in television's room, must have certain brightness illumination, may turn on a small lamp, but rear area the optical fiber may not directly according to the fluorescent screen either the eye, should better place or side . When the television debugs, on the television screen beats the picture injuries the eye extremely, must close the eye, is exempt from the stimulation.The read-write time must be discount sunglasses suitable: Reads, writes, the cartography to urgently need the eye time to be excessively long, easy to cause the eye muscle to be weary, causes the nearsightedness. Therefore about each read-write one hour, should arrive outdoor looks out into the distance or the sports 10 minutes, this is eliminates the eye muscle wearily, to prevent to have nearsightedness's efficacious device .The read-write posture must be correct: The human when studies or writes, the eye and the books maintain about one foot are the optimum distances. Therefore, the table and chair's height must form a complete set appropriately, Gao Yidi the table or low chair Gao Zhuodu does not favor eye's wholesale sunglasses health. Writes when do not tilt the head, does not want to walk, to sit Che Huo goes by boat to study on the way, to read a newspaper.

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Post: Apr 2nd 2012 at 4:50 AM

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