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Post: Sep 17th 2011 at 9:18 AM

Hello community,

I'm a computer science student graduating in a few months. I love Java and even have a side job as a java developer (GWT Web Applications). And what's more important: I love playing and writing music. Of course I use GP5 mostly, it's simple and yet very powerfull. And still it doesn't have all the feature I'd like to have. I tried out GP6, but for me they took one step back. They're making it more complicated, all that "real sound engine" sh!t is so pointless. And trying to import my gp5-stuff was even a bigger disaster..

So lately I found TuxGuitar - an application I used a while ago on my Ubuntu-PC. But there were (are?) too many features I missed, so I just stopped using it. Now I found out that TuxGuitar is written in Java! I tried out the lates source from SVN and there already are some improvements. I hope, I finally found a big, useful open source java project I can work on. But since it takes a lot of free time, I'd like to find out some things first.

First of all - I assumed, TuxGuitar is not beeing developed anymore. The last release was 2 years (!) ago. Then I checked the svn repository and was surprised: the last commit was only a few hours ago. So where is the development leading? I would rather not want to "waste" my time on a project only available to people, who can compile their sources theirselves or waiting 2 years for the next version.
Of course I undestand it's an open source project, so I don't expect full time jobbers here. But the latest version has so many small improvements (mute/solo, countdown, ..) - so why isn't it been released yet?

Now some word about the features. Some of them are really fundamental to me.

- Solo/Mute CHECKBOX'es and volume/balance sliders in the table (not only in the mixer) are just so useful in GP5. You already implemented the S/M-functionality, but seriously.. it look's aweful and is a little bit slower than a checkbox due to having to open the popup menu first. What is the reason for not using checkboxes (or even own swt widgets/buttons)? I only spent ~30min without knowing anything about your code, and i was able to implement the first checkbox with solo-functionality directly in the row. So the reason can't really be developing time. Are there any other problems you found working on it?

- GP's F10 - the option to change volume/instrument/almost everything at any point is just great. TuxGuitar is not supporting it yet, though. Is there a problem with reading the markers from GP-format, or was there no time to handle this feature?

- selecting.. under edit you can find "selection mode" and "score edition mode". what exactly is the difference? I can't select anything in the selection mode. And that is something, I really can't work without. I have to be able to write 4 notes and just copy them at any point I wish, so many times I wish. I found the Ctrl+C copy/paste function (why no menu-item?), but it only allows to copy WHOLE measures.

- 0.25/0.5/0.75/1.0 time and current speed buttons in the toolbar. it's really important when I'm practicing difficult parts.

- a function I miss in gp5: transposing the STRINGS of all instruments (except the drums ofc). I find a lot of gp-files made in other tunings (half step down, dropped c etc). I have to select each track and set the "normal" tuning at once, so I can play it on my guitar without changing the tuning. The normal transposing function is changing the notes and not the strings - and that's not what I want ;) In fact that's the function which brought me to TuxGuitar. I already could write this function last night, but since the F10-thing is not implemented I can't use it to convert my GP-Files cause of this information destruction.

So these are just some points, I would like to work on. Although it's a community project, I assume the original author (Julian?) coordinates this whole thing and says what's to be done. So I'd like to hear from him, what's his opinion about my plans. Since it takes hours of free time, I would not want it to be all in vain. Some information about the development/developers and some future plans would be really nice.

You can answer here or just sand me an email: spike0@freenet.de

Darek Kay =)

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Post: Sep 19th 2011 at 2:34 AM

Hi DerekKay,

I don't think I am the best person to respond but I am posting to offer encouragement and, also, to give a few pointers (which you will forgve if you are already aware of).

It is really great that you would like to work on developing TuxGuitar and you appear to have chosen the right time! After a long period where TuxGuitar has not been developed there does appear to be a lot of recent activity.

There are two threads that you should check out:

1. "tuxguitar-fork at sourgeforge" thread in the Open Discussion forum.

2. "New features, or why you don't use TG" thread also in the Open Discussion forum.

It you want to make contributions to the code of TuxGuitar then it seems to me that should go to SourceForge.net website and try to make contact with the users who run the following projects:

TuxGuitar:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxguitar/
Updates appear to been recently made by user akdmia (this is Julian the main original developer of TuxGuitar; if Julian is back developing TuxGuitar then this is really great news!)

TuxGuitar-fork:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxguitar-fork/
Run by user b4dc03r who has been doing a lot of work on developing the TuxGuitar code in the last few month.

It could be that the work that akdmia and b4dc03r have done will merge?

To make contact with akdmia and b4dc03r I think you need to register an account at SourgeForge.net (https://sourceforge.net/user/registration) and then I believe that you will be able to send a message to other SourceForge users.

Best wishes on your endeavours!


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