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Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita
Post: Jan 10th 2011 at 2:47 AM

Hi Devs! First tanks and congratulations for tuxguitar. Tuxguitar is a very nice piece of software.

Now, what are the plans for tuxguitar in 2011?

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Post: Jan 21st 2011 at 4:54 PM

Good question. I realize Tux is freeware so there shouldn't be any expectations on our part for regular updates to the program, but what is the current state of affairs?

I looked at the archived versions of Tux and updates were issued fairly regularly, but it's been over a year since anything new has shown up. I searched for the word 'update' here on the forums but found nothing regarding updating the program itself.

Tux works pretty well as is, but there are other options out there, so it'd be nice to know if there's anything new coming for Tux or if it's worthwhile exploring elsewhere.

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Post: Jan 22nd 2011 at 3:14 PM

I wonder this too. It's a fine program, but it could use a few touch-ups. I could use more help on how to use another soundfont, but I guess that's for the forums and not for the documentation. The PDFs seem a little blocky and fuzzy compared to most sheet music as a PDF. Importing MIDIs is a bit buggy at times. An applause that lasted around 5 m easures in a MIDI ended up as 1 in TuxGuitar and the distortion guitar part became piano. But overall, it's pretty darn good at sequencing music and editting MIDIs. Any possibility of exporting sheet music as a JPEG?

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