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Subject [Patch] Solo-Mute buttons in the Track Table

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Post: Oct 18th 2009 at 2:17 AM

Until now TuxGuitar lacked that, and users missed it.
I made a patch with Solo/Mute buttons, like in GuitarPro.

Here a screenshot:

And here the diff:


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nicolas [at] vizille.net
Post: Oct 23rd 2009 at 2:54 AM

Tested on 1.1:

Some tiny troubles applying the patch (10% of patching failed: had to copy-paste some "import org.herac..." lines).

Seems to work great.

If you want it to be perfect :
- Replace labels by checkboxes
- Set a fixed row width
(don't worry, you did a good job!! But to feel good on my mind, I must everything to be perfect.)

Julian -> why not add this patch to the upcoming new release?

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Post: Oct 24th 2009 at 12:11 PM

The next version is already closed.
We include changes only for fix bugs, or add translations as we receibe them.

By other hand, we have planned to make a big change on this section for the future release 1.3 (or 1.4).
the idea is to replace this table to a new tabbed component, where each tab is a track,
and it will provide the track properties features ( name, instrument, tuning, etc.. )
and mixing features ( solo, mute, volume, balance, etc..)

However it will be an usefull patch for these users that want this feature now.
but you have to fix some things to it,
on a quick look to the patch, i see that new Fonts, and new Colors are not disposed.
SWT runs with native libraries, and when you init an object,
it creates a native ( C ) pointer of it, but if you don't call dispose later,
so this pointer is never destroyed and will keep in memory.

Then, another thing is when you call setSolo/Mute. you have to add UndoableOperations to it.
It's maybe not so important to this feature because solo and mute is only used by the player.
but after modify something in the song, and not add an undoable operation (or discard all edits)
the application may start giving unexpected results after play with undo/redo actions.
The story is that every undo action is not a "full clone" of the song (it take time, and use a lot of memory)
so each undoable knows what was modified, but if beetween 2 undoables there is an action that can't be undone
there can be unexpected problems.

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