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Subject Soundcard improve MIDI instruments sound?

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A Nonny Mouse
Post: Aug 22nd 2009 at 4:39 AM


First, to the authors of Tuxguitar: GREAT program. Thanks for making it. You have provided a terrific program for people just starting out learning guitar (like me)

Second, can anyone give an estimate as to the value of a "good soundcard" as an improvement in the Tuxguitar sound, especially for the electric guitars?

When I first opened Tuxguitar, I was a bit thrown by the "80s video game" sound of it, but then I followed the instructions here and applied fluidsynth, and the sound improved noticeably.

But would buying a good sound card make it even better?

I presently have a component audio chipset that came with my motherboard. It is an: AC '97 CODEC setup, and comes from the following motherboard


(an XFX nForce 680i)

Would buying a top notch Creative sound card, for example, radically change the sounds of the MIDI instruments? Would the improvement be in the neighborhood of 5%, 50% or 500%? (or 0% ;) )

Thanks for your advice

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Post: Aug 22nd 2009 at 6:10 PM

I'm not exactly sure how many difference could be with a good soundcard ( i never had a good one ).
maybe the sound quality could be better
but, the MIDI samples itself will no change.
maybe you should search for a "good soundfont" instead of soundcard.
Anyway, you should wait for anyone who really had tested MIDI with a good soundcard.. he could give you a better answer than mine.

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Post: Sep 3rd 2009 at 4:07 AM

If you're with windows, you can
1. install ASIO4ALL driver for your sound card, if you already have sound card support asio, then ignore it.
2. install a small tool like Maple virtual midi cable, this can connect TG with those VSTi instruments.
3. connect TG with your VSTi instruments, HyperSonic in GM mode is one of my favorite one.

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