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Post: May 2nd 2009 at 9:17 PM


So I just switched my main laptop to Sabayon 4.1 KDE from Ubuntu 8.10 and had to have Tuxguitar. Searching the forums yielded way too old advice. Tuxguitar had a newer version, Sabayon now has entropy and KDE 4, and the main Gentoo portage repository doesn't have it, and a portage repository overlay that has it had an ebuild of only an older version probably not integrated with KDE 4 anyway, and besides a mediocre-poor understanding of portage and ebuilds, I'm not sure how they are currently integrated in Sabayon. The Sabayon wiki seems out of date when I read articles that predate any mention of entropy. The articles might have worked, but I was afraid to try Gentoo methods. I also don't know how you run source packages in entropy. I saw some post or wiki that said to make the directory where the file is into a repository, but that just seemed insanely inefficient. I assume there is a way to just install a file from source without it being in a repository though entropy?


So I downloaded the binary file from here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/tuxgui ... x86.tar.gz and I chose to install it into /usr/bin just in case I wanted to use it under multiple users. The website says that file only needed a Java runtime environment, so I downloaded sun-jdk through entropy. That let it start, but when opening a file, it gave me the warning that there was no midi system. I installed Timidity++ through entropy, and sure enough, it works great now.


I put in a package request for TuxGuitar. Note that installing Timidity++ pulled in the "arts" package from KDE 3.5.10. I'm sure there is a KDE4 method for playing midi now?

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Post: May 10th 2009 at 2:28 PM

you made a book :)

well look,
the "tuxguitar-1.1-linux-x86.tar.gz" is a generic package.
It was planned, to have tuxguitar in "one" folder.
just extract it, and make 2 clicks to "tuxguitar"

I don't recommend you keep it on "/usr/bin" (this folder is for host binary files )
if you want it for all users, you can put it on "/opt/" , or "/usr/local/lib"
( more easy to uninstall later, if you don't put it on a system folder )

the only what you probably need, is make a launcher for it.
you can easily make a shortcut (.desktop file) of tuxguitar with any text editor:
[Desktop Entry]

( just replace all XXXXXXXXX to the real path where you installed tuxguitar ).
save it as tuxguitar.desktop,
and then you can copy this file to:

* your desktop
* /usr/share/applications/ ( to see it on the menu )

There is also the installer version of tuxguitar, that already creates this .desktop file ( but it don't move files, you need manually copy it to /usr/share/applications, or to your desktop )

About MIDI,
it's not a KDE thing.. its about your OS configuration.
you don't need have any X Desktop system to listen Audio, these are different things.

timidity is an option, if it have some conflict with KD4 on your distribution, you should report a bug to mantainers.
( you can build timidity from sources and manually install it )
fluidsynth is another option.
check if you have an easy way to install fluidsynth.
then, you may need download a soundfont file.
this is a little one to test:

then you can run:
fluidsynth path_to_your_soundfont.sf2

and select the fluidsynth port on tuxguitar.
you can take a look also to "qsynth" that is a frontend for fluidsynth.

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